Looking for an independent financial advisor?

My name is Raimund Adviser and I am an independent financial advisor and planner located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Since 2009 I work at the company Y s. r. o. and I specialize in comprehensive financial planning strategies while providing exceptional customer service. I mainly service Prague and Central Bohemian Region.

As financial advisor I look to provide comprehensive financial planning for individuals, families and small businesses. The areas that I specialize are insurance, investment management, retirement planning and estate planning. Comfort of my clients is extremely important to me in my working relationship.

If you are interested in a free consultation please feel free to contact me (info@profp.cz) or call at (+420) 774-038-614. If you are in Prague area please feel free to stop by my office (32 Na Příkopě Street, Prague).

Interested in becoming a client? It is easy. I can help.

Raimund Adviser, financial advisor

Contact Info

Telephone: (+420) 774-038-614

Email Address: info@profp.cz

Web Site: www.profp.cz

Address: 32 Na Příkopě Street, 115 00 Prague

RN (IČO): 24681357

Natural person registered in the Register of Trades since January 1st, 2000.